I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Psalm 139:14

From the fullness of grace we have recieved one blessing after another...

On this day Brandon and I had to meet with the director of pediatric surgery at UMC and we had a MRI. On this day I got up and said a big prayer. This was the first bit of piece I had felt since hearing the news about our precious child the week prior. We first had the MRI. The MRI machine was a tight squeeze and it took over an hour. Upon completion of the MRI our coordinator met us and took us to meet with the director of surgery and another pediatric surgeon. The surgeons started by explaining the condition our child had, exactly how the specialist had done the week prior. They explained cloacal exstrophy to us and then told us wonderful news. The surgeons were both relatively new to UMC. One came from the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and the other John Hopkins. They both had operated on a baby with cloacal exstrophy. I was hesitant at first thinking my child would be "practice" for them. I looked at both surgeons and said "you feel 100% confident you can perfom this surgery for the best well being and quality of life for my child?" and without hesitation they both said YES! I was relieved, this meant we would have the surgery done at UMC. After talking with them for a while Brandon and I found out that one of the surgeons had performed the surgery over 77 times. This is a lot because it is so rare. The other surgeon had also performed the surgery just not as many times. This was wonderful news, we would not have to go out of state to deliver. I knew right then that Brandon and I moving to Mississippi and the surgeons recently coming to UMC was all part of Gods plan. It's amazing how things work out. We were still waiting on our amniocentesis results to make sure our baby did not have trisomy 13 or 18, which is incompatible with life. This pregnancy has been a precious gift from God and I cherish it everyday.

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