I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Psalm 139:14

The University of Alabama, Birmingham

The Cline family traveled to the University of Alabama Birmingham to meet Carter's new Neurosurgeon. We were welcomed with open arms and we were extremly impressed. Carter's appointment lasted about 3 hours. Brandon and I can not say enough good things about Carter's new Doctor. He gave Carter a thorough exam and talked with Brandon and I for over 45 minutes. Carter will need further testing to show what the furture will hold for him. We will be traveling back to UAB in the next few weeks for another MRI, with sedation, of Carter's spine. This will give his Doctor a better understanding of Carter's post-surgical spinal defects. We will also be taking another trip to meet with another Doctor for a therapy evaluation. Our new neurosurgeon noticed Carter's leg weakness, especially his left leg, as Brandon and I both have. He wants Carter to begin every type of therapy possible, in an effort to prevent further weakness and aid in the already developed weakness. Only time will tell if Carter will walk or not. Our new Doctor said if he is able to walk he should do it before 18 months. Studies have shown that most children show their physical abilities before 18 months. Brandon and I pray for health and God's will for Carter. We will love him and treat him the same whether he can walk or not. Although Carter can not straighten his left leg completely, he can already stand by himself while holding onto his toys. His new Doctor was extremly impressed with Carter's neurological ability and how attentive he is. We are extremly excited to be part of such a great team at UAB and look forward to this upcoming July.

Trips for July
  1. University of Alabama Birmingham for a therapy evaluation
  2. University of Alabama Birmingham for a MRI with sedation
  3. Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Maryland for Carter's “big surgery” evaluation
While in Birmingham we took Carter to the McWane Science Center.  Here are a few pictures...

Playing with the water.

Sweet little foot and hand!

Back to the hotel... he was POOPED!!!

Happy Father's Day!!!

It is Brandon's first Father's Day and Carter and I just wanted him to know how much we love him! We were in Birmingham for Father's Day, so we took Daddy to the McWane Science Center. Thank you for being such a great Daddy! We love you!!!

10 Months!

He's growing up! Carter has really started babbling this month. He talks and squeals all the time. He has started to get his first tooth and still dances to anything with a beat. He is so sweet! Brandon and I have started daring to take him out of the house. We try to take him places we know people will not be really close or have the opportunity to touch him. This month we took him to the Zoo and he LOVED it! Carter's favorite animal was the giraffe. We also went to the University of Alabama Birmingham this month to meet with Carter's new Neurosurgeon. While in Birmingham we went to the McWane Science Center. I have never seen Carter so alert and awake. He danced, squealed and laughed the entire four hours we were there. He LOVED it and I think it was great for him to socialize a bit.

We changed Carter's formula to soy formula and it has made a huge difference. He seems to be much stronger and more alert. He is even starting to “chunk” up! He weighs 14lbs. And is 24 ½ inches long. Now that he has more energy he goes from sitting, to his belly, to rolling over and he is so proud of himself. He loves to play paddy cake. He rolls his arms and throws them in the air when I say “throw it in the pan.” He still loves to swim and goes at least once a week. We are looking forward to our exciting, yet busy July. Please pray for Carter to stay well as we travel back to the University of Alabama Birmingham and Johns Hopkins.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

At the Zoo...YES the bear is real!!!

Fetal Medicine Center Reunion

When Brandon and I found out the devastating news that Carter would have O.E.I.S. Complex UMC was there.  This past Saturday the Fetal Medicine Center had a reunion.  We were thrilled Carter was well enough to attend.  We are extremely blessed to be so close to such a great center.  We were one of the first patients of the UMC Fetal Medicine Center.  We are extremely grateful to the wonderful Doctors and nurses! Thank you!!!  Below is a short video of the reunion.

9 months

Carter turned 9 months old on the 20th of May.  This has been an extremly busy month for Carter.  Carter had surgery, two CT scans and multiple Doctors visits.  After a rough few weeks he is now recovering well.  
Carter weighs 13lbs and is 24 inches long.  He LOVES to eat crackers and puffs.  His new favorite thing is to smile really big every time I try to take a picture of him.  He loves to go swimming at his Nana and Papaw's house and dance (bob his head and wiggle his arms and legs) every time he hears music.  He is still a mommies boy anad he loves to give kisses.  On June 20th we will be going to the University of Alabama Birmingham to meet with Carter's new Neurosurgeon.  Then we are off to Johns Hopkins in July.  We have a very busy summer, but we are looking forward to all of the new adventures.