I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Psalm 139:14

Week Four

    The Clines have made it home. September 17, Carter was discharged from the hospital. What a glorious day it was. We have been so blessed and excited to have him home.
    The ride home was a very cool experience. With Carter in his new carseat we headed south across the Mighty Pearl River to Rankin County. A white knuckle grip and my hands in the ten and two position we safely made it home. The sweat rolling off my brow, from nervousness and heat, couldn't hide the excitement that I had as I carried that little man inside. Meagan and I were just beginning the new phase of being parents.
    Carter has his days and nights mixed up. He sleeps all day and wants to be entertained all night. This is not cool! You see, Meagan and I are more of the in bed by 9 kind of folks. You can forget that says the new man in charge at the Cline house.
    Caring for Carter has been much easier at home. No cords, no buzzing or beeping monitors, and no pint sized isolettes for clumsy hands to make big messes in. Meagan has been amazing with taking care of Carter and she is doing a great job of teaching me. I tell her everyday, "thank you for being my little boy's mama." I am blessed to have them both, truly gifts from our Awesome God.
     We are enjoying having our little man home. Making the most of our time before any more surgeries and hospital stays is our goal for now.
     Also, we also want to thank everyone that has our family on a prayer list, prayed for us, brought us supper, gifts, the nurses and doctors at UMHC who took care of Carter, and of course friends and family! It is a miracle from God that we are where we are at right now and y'all have been a huge part of this team God has assembled for our lives. It is as simple as this... God is good! All the glory and praise to Our Father in Heaven. We wouldn't be here without Him.

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