I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Psalm 139:14

Carter's hair!!!

Today has been full of ups and downs.  Our surgeon has decided it is highly unlikely Carter is going to tolerate only tube feedings right now.  The plan now is to get Carter to tolerate at least 15ml/hr (his goal is 46ml/hr) and continue to give him lipids and TPN.  Carter tolerated the feedings throughout the night and did not get sick until this morning.  He of course feels wonderful after he gets sick because his tummy is not full anymore.  He was ready to play after getting sick this morning, so we took a little video of him playing.  I was blowing him with the hair dryer and he thinks his hair is going to blow off!! Enjoy!!!


  1. This is sooo sweet!!! He is the happiest baby I have seen in a very long time. Thank you for sharing this!!!

  2. So glad he was feeling good in the video! I'm so sorry y'all continue to have ups and downs. Continuing to pray!

  3. He is precious, precious, precious! I am so sorry that these past few weeks have been days of such ups and downs for ya'll, most epecially for baby Carter. I am praying! Praying for healing, peace and that you will continue to endure this journey with faith and hope in Christ. God bless you all!