I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Psalm 139:14


Carter has done really good the past few days.  The plan is for a medical transfer (flying in a jet, thank GOD!) on Tuesday or Wednesday.  Just thought I would share a little bit of "cuteness" to brighten up this gloomy day! :)

 A little singing...

 PLEASE put in my Veggie Tales!

 The NOT so happy Birthday boy, but isn't he cute?!



  1. This is great news! I love hearing good reports from y'all! Praise God, praise God!! We will continue to pray. Thanks for the update, The Robinson Family

  2. Praise the Lord , Little Carter is just so cute and I so enjoy seeing that smiling face. The Lord always comes through just on time , his time. He must have some big plans for this little boy, I have followed and watched his healing hands just reach way down to Carter over and over. Praise his name , you all stay faithful and in his service , he's going to take you all for a ride and a journey ahead , just hold on tight and travel with him a long way down this road. his blessings for carter await... thanks for keeping us updated

    Martha Bales - Knoxville, Tennessee

  3. Cuteness indeed! He is precious!! I particularly love "Mr. Attitude". Love!! Praying for a safe trip this week; praying specifically that Carter will tolerate the travel and stay there and be blessed with good health during your time there. Praying too for peace and wisdom for you and Brandon and knowledge for the doctors. AND PRAYERS FOR ANSWERS! God be with you; safe travels. Prayers remain, always.

    Shea and Levi :)

    Thank you for sharing Carter with us, Meagan. He has touched many lives and will continue to do so!

  4. One more thing...I should have included this in my post before but just in case you have never heard this song litsten to it. "Before the Morning" by Josh Wilson speaks straight to my heart. Click on "Tune In" and Listen to "Before the Morning". Listen and know that God is always good, kind and faithful. I know you know this!!

  5. My name is Sharon Shepherd. I am Shea's mother. She shared your blog with me. I am praying for you, your husband and little Carter. God is in control. I will lift him up in my prayers and you too. God bless and keep you!