I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Psalm 139:14

Cincinnati Check-ups....

 Carter had multiple check-ups with his Doctors in Cincinnati this week.  He received great news from all of them.  They were all impressed at how well he looks and his weight gain.  They agreed we needed to switch up some of his medications to get rid of the stubborn infection.  They changed his medications up quite a bit, hopefully it will help and he will fight off this infection.  They also made changes to his formula, adding more calories.  They want him as chunky as possible before his next surgery.  I anticipate having a chunky monkey on my hands soon.  Carter's stomach and parts of his colon have still not woke up, but we still have hope that they will.  Overall it was a great trip and we received nothing but great news.  Carter's team of Doctors are going to get together and we will most likely come back in the next month or two for more check-ups.  We will be flying back to Jackson in the morning.

I know you have got to be wondering who this CUTE little girl is beside Carter.  It's Lily!  Lily has O.E.I.S Complex like Carter.  We were so excited when we got to meet up with them after our appointment today.  She is just precious and has the sweetest parents.  I have posted about her once before when she sent Carter flowers in the hospital.:) It was great to get to talk to someone dealing with the same condition.  Can you see the resemblance? They have the same color hair, same color eyes, same skin color and could pass as TWINS!  

 Carter 20 months.  Lily 16 months.

 Sweet babies!

After Carter's appointment today we had spare time, so we took him to the aquarium.  He LOVED the fish and birds, but was more interested in holding our hands and walking around.

 Come here bird! Come see Carter!
 Daddy Kisses!

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