I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Psalm 139:14

This Is What Life Is All About!!!

Look who got his walker!  He absolutely loves it!  I am able to hook his backpack, that holds his feedings, onto the back of the walker and he is able to go around by himself.  This is the first time since September Carter has been able to go anywhere by himself!  He is so proud! 

It got delivered around 8p.m. so of course it was dark. However, that did not stop Carter.  As soon as Brandon put it together, he was outside walking…in the DARK.  Unfortunately, our house is not handicap accessible so he has to walk outside with it.  I don’t think Carter minds because he is just so happy to walk by himself.  I have to admit Brandon and I were both a little hesitant to let him have a walker.  We were both afraid that he would become reliant on it and never learn to walk on his own.  When we went to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, they brought in a walker for him and he took to it right away and did great with it.  Once we saw how much leg strength he was gaining and how happy it made him, we knew he had to have one. 

I do not think that putting a walker together for your child is ever anything you expect to have to do.  I thought that I would feel sad watching Carter walk with the walker.  Instead I feel such pride and joy knowing how happy it makes him and how much he has overcome to get to this point.  Just 6 months ago Carter could hardly hold your hand and stand.  Now he is walking by himself with a walker!  We serve a mighty God!  I will let the pictures write the rest of this post.  ENJOY!  

I have to admit this.  I am a Nurse NOT a physical therapist.  I had Carter walking the wrong way for the entire first day.  After reading the booklet that came with the walker I became informed that he should hold the red handles and he should stand straight up when walking.  Walking like he is in this picture will teach him to walk hunched over not standing up straight.  OOPS! 

 Look Daddy! I have a new walker!

Cool Dude!

So Proud!

These are the moments you live for!


  1. Seeing that big smile on his face, I can't help but to smile too! What a blessing!

  2. So cute and so exciting for Carter! I love it!

  3. Way to go, Carter! That's the exact walker Reece had! Y'all could have borrowed it! You can tell that he is so proud of himself!

  4. He looks so happy!!! He looks great, Meagan. Way to go, Carter! God bless you all. :)