I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Psalm 139:14

Grateful Days...

Carter has had a tough day today.  He has spent most of the day and last night dealing with pain issues.  He is receiving pain medication, although it does not always seem to help.  Thankfully he has slept most of the day, every time he wakes up he cries out in pain.  It was not until this afternoon that he woke up without crying, so hopefully we are on the right track and the pain will soon subside.  Carter went for a barium study to make sure his J tube was in the correct place today.  It was in the right place and if Carter's pain is under control tomorrow we will start trying to feed him through the tube.  

It's the times like this that make me so grateful to have Carter.  It makes me grateful for the good days, the days Carter gets to crawl all over the house and chase our dogs.  I know to some this may sound a little crazy but, all in all I am thankful God chose Carter to have OEIS Complex.  I could not imagine another child, a child without support going through all of these things.  It breaks my heart to think that there are children going through things similar to this, without a Mommy laying beside them giving them kisses and telling them how strong and how loved they are.  Carter is strong and has so many people praying for him, people I do not even know.  The power of prayer is awesome and I know that is how Carter has came this far.  The scripture says God answered the prayers, not of the sick and dying but of the friends of the sick or dying.  I know that even through this extremely tough day God has a plan and your prayers are working, so please keep them coming!

 Here are a few pictures from the afternoon, when Carter woke up feeling a little better.

 I think I see a little smile!
 Laying with his friends, Bob and Larry!


  1. Praying for you. Reading your entry tonight has me in tears as I can relate to you on every level. I remember my priest telling me something similiar after we learned of Levi's diagnosis'. He shared with me that sick babies have to be born and how lucky Levi is to be born into a family who is going to love him NO MATTER WHAT! I say all the time that I wish Levi was well but that I know for certain that we are better, stronger people since beginning this journey with him; we are even more blessed than before.

    I admire you and pray many times during the day for you, Brandon and sweet Carter. I admire your faithfulness! I know you are weak and tired, yet you remain faithful and gracious to God for the gift of Carter. You are precious and dear and he is blessed to have you and Brandon! You are ever present on my mind and in my heart. Praying for less pain and better days. God bless you. Much love to you!

  2. praying for no pain! my Carter sends kisses!!