I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Psalm 139:14


I have struggled with where to start this post for a long time.  We have AWESOME friends and family, and we have continual support all of the time.  I receive messages from friends, family and complete strangers on a daily basis asking how they can help us.  I am always extremely humbled, and I will always ask for prayer.  We are so undeserving of any of the gifts given to our family.  We have recently had several friends do fundraisers for our family.  They have contacted us on multiple occasions to figure out ways to help promote all of the hard work they have done for the fundraisers.  I have been hesitant to ever put it on our blog.  My intention for our blog is to keep everyone updated on Carter’s condition and for other families to learn from our experiences.  I never wanted to put anything on the blog because I honestly did not want people to feel like we were asking them to donate to us or feel obligated to give to our family.  On the other hand I do want to help the people who have worked so hard on a fundraiser for our family.  I know how much time and hard work they have put into these events.  I have decided to publish this post with fundraisers that are going on for our family.  These fundraisers have been started by sweet friends to help with our expenses.  We are extremely grateful and will never be able to tell everyone thank you enough for giving to our family.  We are extremely undeserving!  Please do not feel obligated in any way to participate in any of these.  We only ask for prayer for Carter! 

To give a donation click the paypal logo here

Brandon Elementary School is selling I Pray For Carter T-Shirts.  The deadline to order the shirt is THIS Monday May 6th.  Please click the paypal link here to purchase.  Please verify that your paypal address is the address you want the shirt to ship to.  If you would like to pick up your shirt at Brandon Elementary School in Brandon, Mississippi please choose the appropriate link.  I will update later on pick-up date.  Please disregard instructions on order form, I included it for the image.

Please use the appropriate pay-pal link for purchasing.  If you would like to pick up at BES NO shipping will be charged.  If you would like to have the item shipped, please click the Ship to Me pay pal link! Thank you!!!

I Pray for Carter T-Shirt Pick up at BES 

IPFC T-Shirt Ship to ME!

To purchase I Pray For Carter Wristbands click the appropriate link below.  I will post a later date of when wristbands can be pick up at BES.  I will also post a date when they will be shipped. 

I.P.F.C Wristband Pick up at BES

I.P.F.C Wristband Ship to Me!
Cathy with has custom made this beautiful necklace for Carter.  The necklaces are $18.00.  The profit on each necklace is $5.00 and all of the profit comes to us.  To purchase the necklace or look at her other beautiful products, click visit

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