I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Psalm 139:14

Rolling Along...

 God is still showing off.  He has a different story written than anyone anticipated.  The past few days things have been going really well.  Carter is doing better with the wean than anyone expected.  We are loving that we can hold and cuddle him.  He has made major strides in the right direction.  He is a completely different baby than he was this time last week.  The nurses and Doctor’s cannot believe the improvements he has made.  All I can say is, we serve an awesome God! Carter has gone on several wagon rides around the PICU.  They have a few big windows that we are able to pull the wagon up to and Carter is able to look outside.  He loves looking outside and we cannot wait until he is stable enough to go outside!  He has been in the PICU so long that we know most of the nurses, and he is like a little super star on his wagon rides.

One of Carter's nurses made him a license plate for his wagon. 

Carter seems to be waking up from the fog that he has been in the past 8 weeks.  It has been so nice to have our laughing, happy baby back.  His body is still craving the medications, and he does have some not so good moments.  The main problem is that he is having with the withdrawals are gagging, sweating and vomiting.  He is also having trouble swallowing.  Thankfully, these are all things that we can manage.  We have been in Baltimore for over 9 weeks now, and we finally feel like we are towards the end of this journey.  If Carter continues to tolerate the withdrawal of the I.V. medication as well as he has, he will be completely off of all of his I.V medication at 4am Friday morning!!!  He will still be on a TON of oral medications, but we are thrilled that the IV medications are coming to an end.  They consulted a social worker to start looking into getting a car seat that Carter will be able to travel in.  His cast will stay on for another month, and he is not able to sit up completely because his legs are casted straight with no bend in the knee.  We were thrilled that the car seat is already being looked into.  It makes our hearts smile thinking we may be able to leave the hospital within the next month.  Please continue to pray for the withdrawal process.  Pray that Carter’s body continues to tolerate decreasing all of the medications.  Pray his bladder continues to empty properly, and that we will be able to remove his supra pubic catheter soon.  Thank you all so much for all of your prayers for our family. As always… To God be the Glory!!!

My older brother Josh and his wife Morgan came to visit us this weekend. On Mother's Day weekend, my little brother Zach surprised me by flying in visit. Carter actually cried when they left. 

 These are two more cute signs that some of Carter's nurses have made him. He loves them. He shows them to us all of the time.

 My little PICU celebrity, waving at everyone with one hand and hold his sword with the other!

Looking out the window.  Do you notice what is missing?  He is not wearing a hat or sunglasses!! He is finally tolerating some light.
 Trying to sit up and hold his head up by himself! :)


  1. God is good! It's amazing to see Carter riding around in a wagon being pulled by mom and dad. Truly blessed!!

  2. This is wonderful news. Thank you for sharing pictures of Carter's progress with us. You are so sweet to share like this. We will be praying for Carter to improve more this week. I am Gina Vaughn's aunt and she keeps me up dated about Carter. God bless you all.

  3. Great news!! GOD is good!!!

  4. Praise God for such awesome news! May He continue to bless Carter with healing so all of you can come home soon.

  5. God is good!!!! I am so thrilled with Carter's wonderful progress. You must be incredibly relieved and strengthened by marked improvement!

  6. We are thrilled that Carter is doing so well! I know that a lot of that is the fact that you and Brandon can now hold him. We continue to keep him in our prayers.

    We loved meeting this sweet boy and I look forward to seeing him run around Brandon!

    Take care!

  7. God is so good. I will continue to pray for healing and joy.