I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Psalm 139:14

Big Changes!

Things have really taken a turn for the better. Carter is doing much better. His intestines have started waking up and he is almost tolerating his goal rate for formula feeds. He is tolerating 45ml's an hour and just last week he was unable to tolerate 5ml's an hour. We are completely thrilled! His goal is 55ml's an hour. We hope to have him tolerating 55 within the next 24 hours. Once he tolerates 55 we will start weaning him off of his TPN and lipids. Our Doctor hopes to have him completely off of TPN and lipids by the end of this week! Hallelujah! We will then start working on feeding him into his stomach. They have told me they will allow me to take him HOME with him being fed into his intestines. Yes you read that right! They said the word HOME! Carter has to maintain his weight off of TPN and lipids and continue to tolerate his feelings before we can do this. There is also a chance Carter will need to have a permanent line placed for fluids, but we will not know for certain until he is completely off of the TPN and lipids. I am so excited they are even talking about sending us home!

Our surgeon told me today that he was positive Carter would not have survived without this last procedure and he was still worried afterwords when Carter did not tolerate his feeds after the surgery. It's amazing what God and the power of prayer can do. I am absolutely blessed to get to watch this first hand! God is so good and we owe him all the praise! I have felt so many raw emotions the past 6 months and I have to say this is the best one yet. I know Carter has a long way to go and we are far from having him well, but I feel like there is new hope. I can finally see the light at the end of what has been a very dark tunnel. Please pray that Carter continues to tolerate his feeds and the increases they are about to make. Pray he will maintain his weight after they stop his TPN and lipids and we are successful at setting up all of his home healthcare needs. Thank you all so much for your prayers. To Him be the Glory! We know that none of this... Absolutely none of this would be possible without the prayers of so many and the love of an Amazing and Faithful God.

Blowing everyone kisses!


  1. Wow!! You just made my night. Im sooo happy right now after reading this. God is sooooo good!!!! Luv, The Robinson Family

  2. AMEN, what an awesome God we serve!! Glad you are finally hearing some good news. We'll continue to pray that things go like the drs. want and hopefully you'll be home before long. Carter still has his ever present smile. God love him!

  3. Praise the Lord! Thank you Jesus!! What amazing news! We continue to pray. We thank God for this good news but are still praying all the time! Thank you God for sweet Carter. Bless you Meagan. May you find rest and peace in knowing how loved you all are by so many. YAY!!! We are getting our boys together soon. It has to happen! :) Bless you.

  4. PRAISING JESUS FOR THE IMPROVEMENT!!!!!!!!!!! HE IS STILL IN CONTROL AND HE STILL PERFORMS MIRACLES!!!! praying for your family--for peace, comfort, JOY!!!

  5. That is GREAT NEWS!! So excited that you guys are seeing progress!

  6. GREAT NEWS!!!!! God is awesome!

  7. Praise the Lord from whom all our blessing flow - Praise Him all creatures here below!
    God is in control. Hallelujah. Thank you Lord!
    May the healing continue! Amen!!!
    I am Shea's mother. So happy to see Carter out in the sunshine!

  8. Glad to hear Carter is doing well!

  9. My three year old and my seven year old said special prayers for Carter last night (the 20 month old if he could speak ;o)). You all don't know us, but I have been following your blog (a friend, Christy Walker asked us to pray for him and gave us your link). You all have been in my thoughts and prayers since I read Carter's story. This is incredible news.

    (I can't figure out how to list a name under "comment" so I am 'anonymous" a lot! Sorry!!

    The Welch family from Brandon