I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Psalm 139:14

Caring for Carter

Today has been another day of ups and downs. Carter continues to have times when he feels really well and times when he does not feel well at all. Although the days have been like a carnival ride, today had more ups than downs because Carter's "Da Da" is back! It is always nice to have all of us together. We enjoy being together no matter where we have to be. Carter was also able to go outside today for the first time in nine weeks. We went for a short wagon ride around the circle in front of the hospital. He absolutely loved it. He was amazed at the sunshine and shadows. When the wind would blow, he would grab his hair just like the video of the hair dryer. It was good to see him smile. Your prayers are certainly still needed and appreciated as we wait for things to head in the right direction for our little man. We thank you so much and we want to point out again that WE KNOW GOD'S PLAN IS PERFECT! Blessed we are to be chosen to be the parents of this little boy whom God has used so much already.

Some of our very sweet friends and co-workers have generously decided to do a fundraiser for Carter.  We have been completely overwhelmed by their generosity.  

The fundraiser consist of a day devoted to Carter.  It is called Caring for Carter.  It will be held at Shiloh Park in Brandon, Mississippi on May 5th from 11am-6pm.  There will be pre-sold chicken plates, hamburgers for sale, a bake sale, a raffle, t-shirt sale and many more things.  They are asking for you to bring your own lawn chairs.  The shirts are already for sale, and you can find more information about Caring for Carter at

Please check out the blog above for more details on the event or check out Facebook and the Caring for Carter page set up by our sweet friends. All details on T-shirts and the event itself can be found there. While we are looking forward to the Caring for Carter event, we want to express our feelings that your prayers are the most important thing any one can do for Carter and our family. No matter what need we may have we know that there is no greater need than for prayer. We thank each and every one of y'all. He will persevere... James 1:2-3


  1. Van and Sarah ShaverMarch 11, 2012 at 6:34 PM

    Praying for your sweet boy and for you two. God will give you what you need. Keep asking, keep praying, keep on keeping on...God is always there. I pray God will wrap his loving, healing arms around little Carter and ease his pain tonight and give him rest.

    Praying in Lenoir City, Van and Sarah

  2. Sweet boy :) I can't wait to get my Carter in one of those t-shirts!

  3. Reece and I will be sporting shirts in honor of Carter! Continuing to pray for you guys!