I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Psalm 139:14


Today has been about the same although I think the pain and sedation medications are starting to build up and provide Carter with more rest.  He woke this morning around 7:30 this morning, and we could not get him to calm down.  After receiving extra doses of all of his medications, the pain management team decided to add more medications and go up on the dose of medication he is receiving. He eventually calmed down and has only been awake twice today.  One time was after he had to get cleaned up and have his pin care done.  We are required to wipe Carter down with Chlorahexadine wipes every night.  Carter is not happy about it, but they have proven research that shows it decreases the risk for infection.  His pin care and wipe down are the only times we really disturb Carter.  He is on minimal stimulation protocol.  Which means we have FINALLY had the opportunity to dim the lights in his room, the glass door stays shut, and everything is completely quiet.  It has made a huge difference in him staying calm and getting less aggitated.  We are praying the increase in medication continues to be effective.  I honestly can not say thank you enough for all of your out pouring of love for our family.  We are extremely grateful!  As always...To Him be the Glory!

I took a walk inside the hospital today and took a few pictures.  Here is the famous Jesus statue inside the Dome at Johns Hopkins.  It is absolutely beautiful! Enjoy!


  1. May God continue to be with you and give Carter the rest he needs to heal and calm his pain and fears.

    Still praying.

    1. Thinking of you all quite often and praying in Vicksburg, Ms.

  2. Thinking of you all.