I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Psalm 139:14

Update 11/10/11

Carter did not have surgery Friday as planned.  Carter was not well enough for surgery and Brandon and I, along with our surgeon, were still unsure of a few things.  We have decided to wait until Monday to do Carter's next procedure.  He will either have a PICC line placed or a Broviac (similar to a PICC although it will exit at Carter's chest and is more permanent).  Our surgeon will also attempt to place Carter's feeding tube that's in his nose into his intestine.  We will then go home on TPN, lipids and enteral feedings and come back after the holidays for another surgery.  If we have the surgery now we will be here throughout Christmas.  I would really like Carter home for Christmas and Carter needs a lot more tests before his next surgery to make sure we get it right.  Our surgeon has spoken with our Doctor at Johns Hopkins and they both agree that Carter needs some sort of feeding tube and the fistula needs to be closed.  We are just unsure of what type of feeding tube Carter needs, we will be having more tests done before his next surgery to determine this.  

Carter had a milk study done yesterday.  This test was supposed to show if Carter was having problems with reflux or delayed gastric emptying.  The official results will not be back until Monday.  Although, our surgeon, myself and the tech during the procedure did not see reflux or delayed gastric emptying.  So we are still unsure of what's going on and why he is not tolerating his feedings.  Carter was so good for the procedure.  The tech told me they normally sedate children for the procedure because they have to be still for at least an hour.  Carter did cry for about 2-3 minutes and then he went to sleep and slept throughout the procedure.  I was extremely happy he did not have to be sedated again.  Carter did have a  blood transfusion last Wednesday.  Hopefully he will not have to have another blood transfusion.  

So for right now we are preparing for surgery on Monday to either have the PICC or Broviac placed.  Our surgeon will also use a scope to guide Carter's current feeding tube into his intestines.  Hopefully we will be home by the end of the week.  Please continue to pray for Carter.  Please pray the Broviac or PICC goes in smoothly and Carter can stay infection free.  Please pray he does well with this next surgery so that we can have him home for Christmas.  Please also pray for guidance for Brandon and I, that we will make the correct decisions for Carter's care.  

Carter playing with his duck his sweet nurse Ashely bought him, the bear the Walker's got him and the bear Santa Clause brought him!!

Santa has been at Batson and Carter got to go see him.. he was not a fan!

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